The best of the best, living on the shores of Dennia.

Have you always dreamed of living in an apartment with a sea view or having a vacation home in a seaside town? Whether for swimming or just looking at it, the sea has benefits for our well-being and our health that are no longer proven! Head to the coasts of Denia!

                Living by the sea clearly improves morale and brings natural well-being and complete decompression. Less mood disorders, less stress, less f atigue, the sea air, naturally rich in iodine, facilitates resistance to daily attacks strengthening the immune system. Sunbathing increases our vitamin D levels! Another asset, the coast offers an exceptional panorama to the fortunate privileged who live on the coast. We also found that living near the coast encourages physical activity. What to stay healthy!

                Offers an exceptional living environment near the sea, the city has beautiful squares and lives to the rhythm of the tides. The sea offers a different landscape at every moment, swept twice a day by the coming and going of the tides, Denia you can walk with your feet in the water in summer and contemplate the spectacle of the sea breaking in winter. It is an impetuous sea in winter and gentle in summer that surrounds the city, View more.